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Program Director/Project Director-Hospitality (Hotel)

  • Job reference: FG-006812
  • Sector: Construction, Infrastructure
  • Location: Singapore

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Faithful+Gould (Singapore) is looking for a dynamic Program Director / Project Director to join our Singapore Team. The Program Director / Project Director is required to provide the senior interface between project ownership and delivery. You will be required to act as the single focal point of contact between the Client and the project team members, possibly across multiple project packages, to ensure that the desired project objectives are delivered. You must have adequate knowledge and information about the business and the project in order to make informed value-add decisions for both the Client and the Company.

As a senior member of the team, you will provide professional ability and inherent motivation. You have the skills required to direct meetings, introduce discussion to encourage thinking on the wider commercial context and be responsible for the tasks assigned to members of your project team. You are willing and able to perform duties diligently to the quality standards set by the Company and conform to the Company’s policies and business systems and be committed to their implementation and continuous improvement at all times.

Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities associated with this position include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

- Implement an appropriate and effective project or programme management framework, incorporating necessary review processes as required
- Define and implement criteria for control and management of the project
- Co-ordinate and direct end-user input throughout the project lifecycle
- Appraise options and submit to the Client for approval
- Secure resources and expertise from the Client as required, e.g. appoint professional advisers to support the project sponsor role
- Co-ordinate the value management strategy
- Manage project budget, including risk allowance
- Monitor and control changes/variations following approval by Client
- Monitor compliance with construction program and identify opportunities for improved delivery

Risk Management
- Determine and manage risks that may affect the project in any way, particularly schedule, budget or quality/specifications
- Facilitate effective communication and action as sole point of contact between the Client and site delivery team
- Assist the design team and site delivery team in the resolution of problems

- Manage the relationships between all project stakeholders to facilitate effective communications and outcomes
- Manage the design team and site delivery team performance of delegated responsibilities
- Establish an effective and universal strategy to address major issues that may arise with the site delivery team
- Ensure the design team and site delivery team receives the necessary stakeholder decisions in a timely fashion
- Establish a mechanism to ensure collaborative problem solving with the site delivery team, which will involve regular dialogue with contractors, team working and risk-sharing

- Manage staff effectively to ensure optimum performance,
- ensuring they are well supported and equipped to fulfil their roles and personal professional aspirations
- Uphold the values of the Company through your actions and assist to enforce Company standards at all times
- Demonstrate clear leadership

- Receive and review detailed reports on the project from the design and site delivery team
- Establish formal reporting arrangements on project progress for the Client and Company
- Maintain up-to-date project skite sheets and resumes for the project team for use by the Company

Business Systems
- Contribute to the strategic development and refinement of business systems implemented or reviewed by the Company from time to time
- Apply Company policies and procedures consistently
- Provide timely and constructive feedback on systems so that improvements can be made continuously

Business Development
- Identify and communicate potential business development opportunities to the Company
- Actively promote the interests of the Company within the industry

You will have primary responsibility for the financial well-being of the project/s. A primary measure of your performance will be the ability to deliver within the cost budgets established in the project plan for the project and, therefore, optimising the revenues generated.

In addition to your project role, as a representative of the Company, you will use your best endeavours to communicate potential business development opportunities to the Company and to actively promote the interests of the Company within the industry.

Job Requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree in construction related disciplines
- At least 15 years’ experience in Hospitality (Hotel) projects
- Good command of both written and spoken English
- Apply quality management principles and processes
- Apply risk assessment and management principles and processes
- Network effectively, negotiate well and influence people within and outside the project
- Be aware of the broader environmental, social and economic perspectives and how they may affect the project
- Support and provide leadership to your project team